• 1. Why MIMHANA?

    MIMHANAFOODs is the pioneer in the market of SAFFRON , PISTACHIOS, RAISINS, DATES & DRIED FRUITS, With the help of our own, qualified quality assurance and comprehensive quality management , we ensure our performance. Our desire for development is motivated by the desire to satisfy the demanding tastes and current needs of consumers. The key to achieving our goals is to invest in state-of-the-art equipment, develop our own production technologies and constantly master new product categories. Every day we become better than we were yesterday.

  • 2. Where are you located?

    MIMHANA’s head office is in Tehran-Iran, we can supply our loyal customers from our worldwide offices as well. we have our marketing team in 5 continents offering 24/7 online customer services.

  • 3. What are your opening hours?

    SAT –THU 8:00-18:00 IRST (GMT+3:30) Friday is the weekend in Iran, but we are always online on whatsapp: +989220329484, +989015038215

  • 4. How do we contact you?

    We prefer all communications by e-mail to marketing@mimhanafood.com , Info@mimhanafood.com. Of course, you may also use a telephone to connect us. Office: No. 14, Narges Sharghi Blv. Shahed Town, Shahriar, Tehran, Iran. WhatsApp Number: +98 9220329484 Email: info@mimhanafood.com

  • 5. How long are prices valid?

    Prices vary based on quantity, payment, and shipping terms. Therefore prices quoted based on requests. All prices are subject to our final confirmation unless otherwise mentioned in the quotation. Mostly all prices are valid for three calendar days.

  • 6. How can we place orders?

    It is better to place an order by email our professional marketing team will get back at due course.

  • 7. What are your minimum order quantities?

    We do our best to deliver the goods at the lowest possible price to our customers.it is better to check the minimum order quantity with our sales experts case by case.

  • 8. What are your shipping terms?

    Normal shipment is “by sea”. Shipment by air, couriers, and post parcel can also be arranged upon request.

  • 9. What quality guarantees are offered by you?

    We use a wide variety of brand new technology and machinery in our production line, while our valued customers’ feedback has always been effective in our success.

  • 10. Is it possible to do Private Label?

    Yes. it is possible. Each private label is a unique project for us.

  • 11. Is it possible to receive the samples before placing the order?

    It differs to different products. Free samples can be sent to customers for evaluating the quality. The transportation charge will be paid according to our structures.

  • 12. How much time does the order require to be delivered?

    Delivery time differs by the order/products. It depends on your requests but it takes about 2 weeks from the order confirmation.

  • 13. How to know if my saffron is pure?

    According to ISO 3632:2003, saffron is considered to be pure when the samples fulfill the requirements defined in the technical specification and when no other substance is added to the natural .And also pure saffron tastes slightly bitter. It does not taste sweet. If your saffron tastes sweet, it may not be the one you want.

  • 14. Will I receive options/advices to help me choose the product (s) I want?

    Yes, definitely. By consulting with our export expertise, we’re happy to discuss and present available options based on different factors such as your local market demands and delivery methods. Once you’ve shortlisted the products you’re interested in, we will arrange samples for you to test and verify particularity of product.

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