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Iranian Kabkab Date is a wet Date which has a semi-dried texture, also it is long and dark brown and after Astamaran Dates, Shahani Dates and Mazafati Dates, this Date has the most economic value in Iran. Kabkab Date can be considered as the most important and the most abundant Date fruit in world which can be grown in most tropical cities of Iran.



Kabkab Dates fruit is cultivated in Kazerun and Dashtestan cities (Borazjan).its color turns into dark brown. The date Size is about 3.5 to 4 cm. kabkab date is very sweet. this date harvesting time is September. Kabkab dates are considered a wet variety of dates due to their high moisture level of around 18%. They are long, oval, and the length is around 3-4 cm, the color of Kabkab dates varies from yellow to dark brown depending on ripeness. Kabkab dates have a soft, fine texture and hard skin due to their long, gray pit that clings to the flesh. They are popular for their delicious, sweet, syrupy taste.As a wet date, Kabkab can be kept in normal room temperatures for about 6 months, and shelf life extends to a year in cold storage conditions.



Specifications of Kabkab Dates:


  • Name:Kabkab Dates
  • Variety:Wet Dates
  • Shape:Black-Brown, Long, Oval, Round, Soft, Meaty &Fully-Cling to The Flesh
  • Taste:Sweet & Delicious
  • Size:Medium & Large
  • Moisture:under %18
  • Quality:Sorted, Cleaned, Washed & Dried
  • Keeping Condition:No Refrigeration Needed
  • Shelf Life:12 – 18 Months
  • Labeling:Available
  • Place of Origin:Iran
  • Shipment:Dry Container