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Green Kernel have a special green color which are not only tasty and fun to eat but also super healthy.


You have probably noticed the appearance of green pistachio kernels on pastries and luxury foods or even inside some sausages.

Green pistachio kernels are kind of a product of whole pistachios which have been picked before they are ripened and opened.

Harvesting of unripe pistachios is mostly done due to market demand and also economic evaluation so that traders and farmers evaluate the situation of supply and demand of green pistachio kernels in the upcoming crop year and proceed to harvest based on their estimate of the market.


Which factors is the quality of green pistachio kernels depended on?

To choose a garden for harvesting, we need to consider the height of the area above sea level, so that the higher the gardens have greener pistachio kernels.

For the production of green pistachio kernels, the best trees are those that have a tall appearance, such as Akbari type and Ahmad Aghaei type. The green pistachio kernel produced in this type of pistachio is greener than other types.

Other factor which has effect on the quality of pistachio kernels that should consider is the observance of horticultural principles such as weed control, timely pruning, timely watering, and timely and appropriate fertilization.

Accuracy in spraying the trees so that no poison remains in the product and the absence of heavy metals in the water used in the garden are other factors in the quality of the brain.

Another factor is the time of harvesting.

Harvesting of pistachio kernels usually starts around 10 August and this time is different in various regions. in general, the best time to harvest is when the pistachio kernel is complete inside the skin, and finally, it can be harvested until the maximum ripeness is 5 % has been reached.


Usage of Green pistachio kernels

Green peeled pistachio kernels are used in industries such as confectionery, food industry, ice cream, desserts, sauces and pistachio butters, sausages, confectionery and cooking.

They are popular because of their beautiful color and enhanced taste that can improve the design and taste of foods and pastry products.

pistachio kernels can also be used as snacks or in a mixture of different nuts.


Green pistachio kernel grades

Green peeled pistachio kernels, globally known as double peeled pistachio or green pistachio, can be divided into further subclasses based on their main body’s visual green color:

Grade A

Grade B

Grade C

Split green

Split light green 


To observe photos of different types, kindly refer to catalog. Mimahna emphasizes to always supply organic and handpicked products to its customers.


Aflatoxin and pistachio green kernels

Because pistachios will be picked before they crack and become opened, so aflatoxin is not an issue.


Storage condition

If you plan to store pistachios for a long time, you should store them in a cool, dark place.  Make sure that the container in which the pistachio is stored must completely protect it from absorbing moisture.  Heat and humidity cause insects and fungi to form in pistachios.  For long-term storage, it is better to put it in the freezer after buying first-class pistachio nuts so that, in addition to not getting old, the taste of pistachios is also preserved.


Is Iran the only producer of green pistachio kernels ?

In general, green pistachio kernel of Iran has no special competitor.

Turkish green pistachio nuts are expensive and Americans don’t have green nuts either.  Italy also does not have enough production to be prominent in the market, so it can be said that Iran’s green pistachio nuts are without competitors in the global market.