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Whole pistachios kernel is one the flavorful pistachios with reddish appearance which are not only tasty and fun to eat but also super healthy.


The whole pistachio kernel separated from its hard shell is called pistachio kernel. This kernel has a very thin outer skin of red-purple color, which is completely attached to the inner part and its yellow-greenish flesh. 


Pistachio kernel is the peeled pistachio, one of the most popular and delicious types of nuts. It is considered an excellent snack and can bring many benefits to human health. This exceptional nut has long been used in the cooking of different cultures.  Also, this kind of delicious nut is a great addition which can complement many dishes such as fish and gives them a unique flavor.

Iranian pistachios are famous all over the world for their high quality, excellent taste and unique benefits.

This delicious and natural product does not contain any preservatives and has a very long shelf life. If you’re interested, you can combine pistachios with other nuts and enjoy them as a complete snack. 

Mimahnafood has always tried to provide high quality organic pistachios to its customers from 5 continents.


What you need to know about buying pistachio kernels


There are many methods to identify first grade pistachio kernel to ensure its quality. Consider following points when you’re buying pistachio kernels: 


  1. the inside of a high-quality pistachio kernels color is yellow or green and it should not be dark and discolored.
  2. The pistachio kernel should not be too wrinkled or pale.
  3. When you check some of them, they should be the same in terms of shape and size. 
  4. Be careful that there are no holes or worms on them and they don’t have a bitter and bad taste and smell.
  5. Pistachio is a precious nut; The low price of pistachio kernels may be due to problems and damage in it.