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Iranian raisin is a delicious dried fruit. It is used in the preparation process of various foods, pastries, cookies, cakes and other confectionery materials.
European people are very fond of dried fruits; it might be interesting for you to know that Europe alone imports 40% of the world’s dried fruits. England is the largest raisin importer in the world.

Types of Iranian raisins:

Iranian raisins are prepared from ripe grapes as one of the strategic products of this country.  Grape drying and raisin production have a long history.  Fertile agriculture, high-quality lands and the use of modern and organic technologies in the production of Iranian raisins have made this country one of the largest exporters of this product, and thus Iranian raisins now have a good position in the world. The types of Iranian raisins are as follows:

1.Golden Raisin

Golden raisin is a type of Iranian raisin that is made from the best seedless grapes and is available in golden color. This variety is one of the most delicious Iranian raisins, which has many fans all over the world because of its unique taste and color.
Golden raisin is cultivated in most parts of Iran. The color of this type is amber with a natural sweet and fruity taste.  These sweet and chewy raisins are a delicious snack on their own, but they can be added to mixes, baked goods, and even granola for a super healthy snack.

2.Sultana raisins

Sultana raisins are made from the best seedless grapes. In order to achieve the desired quality, all the raisins are washed and sorted twice at each stage, dipped in edible oil and finally dried.
Iranian sultana raisins are available in 2 colors: Light brown (NO 10) and dark brown (NO 9) which are sweeter than the others.

3.Kashmiri raisins

Kashmiri raisins, which are also called long raisins, are produced from local varieties of Iranian grapes. They are green and golden in color and popular with those who do not like the strong aroma of other types of raisins.

4.Sun dried raisins

Sun dried raisin is a type of grape that becomes sunny raisin with a unique method. This raisin is prepared completely organically without hormones and chemicals. Sun dried raisin is a ripe seedless grape fruit which is dried by direct sunlight and changes its color and turns brown.

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