The usage of pistachio kernels in different food industries.

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Pistachios and its products are used in various food industries.

The wonderful taste of pistachio has made using it in various foods to create amazing flavors.

Pistachio in shell, whole pistachio kernel, green pistachio kernel, chopped pistachio, pistachio slices, pistachio powder and pistachio paste each have different uses in the food industry.

Whole pistachio kernels

The whole pistachio kernel separated from its hard shell is called pistachio kernel. This kernel has a very thin outer skin of red-purple color, which is completely attached to the inner part and its yellow-greenish flesh.

It is considered an excellent snack and can bring many benefits to human health. This exceptional nut has long been used in the cooking of different cultures.

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Green pistachio kernels

Green pistachio kernels are kind of a product of whole pistachios which have been picked before they are ripened and opened.

Green peeled pistachio kernels are used in industries such as confectionery, food industry, ice cream, desserts, sauces and pistachio butters, sausages, confectionery and cooking.

pistachio kernels can also be used as snacks or in a mixture of different nuts.

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Chopped pistachios:

Chopped pistachios are one of the most popular type of pistachios in the confectionery, ice cream and food industries.

Pistachio slices: 

Pistachio kernels are divided into small strips.

Pistachio powder: 

Milled kernels are widely used in the confectionery industry.

Pistachio paste: 

Obtained by grinding and roasting pistachio kernels. Pistachio paste has different colors and textures and it does not contain any additives, salt or sugar. it can be used in the production of pastries, ice creams and desserts.

All kinds of pistachios are used in confectionery industry, cakes and cookies, ice cream, snacks and various foods.

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