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Types of saffron, depending on what part of the saffron string they are composed of (stigma, cream, root), are known by different names: Negin saffron, Super Negin saffron, Sargol saffron, Pushal saffron, Daste/Bunch saffron, and Konj.

Negin and Sargol are both pure and completely obtained by separating red saffron stigmas from Daste/Bunch saffron, the stigmas are separated and the roots are cut, in this stage, some of the stigmas may become broken.

Then they are classified and dried according to the size and color of the stigma.

Negin and Super Negin saffron are the most luxurious types of saffron that are composed of larger stigmas without breakage.

The main difference between the Sargol saffron and Negin saffron families is the presence of fractures in Sargol saffron strings and the possibility of the presence of saffron powder in it.

Sargol saffron with the same properties, flavor, and color is also a very high-quality product that is sold at a fairer price.

Due to the presence of yellow and white parts in Pushal Saffron, and the high price of Negin Saffron s many consumers prefer Sargol saffron. Sargol saffron has the highest number of customers due to its high quality, high amount of crocin which is the reason for its high coloring power, fair price, and its abundance throughout the year.

Sargol saffron types

The grading and price of Sargol saffron vary depending on the thickness, length, color of the stigmas, and the presence or absence of broken stigmas.

There is a range of types of Sargol saffron from Sargol with thinner and shorter strands, to first-class Sargol saffron with strands as thick and long as Negin saffron strands.

In general, in Sargol saffron, as much as:

  • The length of the stigmas are longer

  • The broken and crushed stigmas are fewer

  • The strings are thicker

Its quality is higher and has more value in the market.

Uses of Sargol saffron

Due to the desirable coloring power and also the reasonable price of Sargol saffron, it is very suitable and economical for cooking and confectionery and even for consumption in restaurants.

Also, saffron is widely used in pharmaceutical, and health products.

Sargol saffron benefits

✓ Improve vision

✓ Weight loss with appetite control

✓ depression treatment

✓ Improve moods

✓ Cancer prevention

✓ Improve digestion

✓ Adjust heart rate

✓ Regulate blood pressure

✓ Relief of premenstrual syndrome (PMS)

Appearance characteristics

1.The strings are completely separate.

2.It is completely red. The saffron Style and Roots are separated and the stigmas are yellow and white without any particles.

3.The length of the stigmas is relatively short.

  • High coloring power

The color of saffron is 210 to 270 USP, which is very high. The best coloring grade for this type of saffron is 270 USP that is related to the amount of a substance called crocin which is responsible for the color of saffron

  • Unique aroma

Sargol has the highest and most special saffron because of its level of Safranal.

  • Special flavor

Original saffron has a special taste that is a little bitter and that’s because of its ingredient Picrocrocin.

Sargol saffron that we offer has the following standards:

1. Crocin (staining power) approx. 205-265

2. Safranal (taste and smell) about 38

3. picrocrocin (bitterness) about 95

4. humidity below 8%

Types of saffron sargol

This type of saffron is obtained by sieving and cleaning the saffron of Pushal saffron or Bunch saffron. in this process Roots and creams completely removes and only saffron stigmas remain.

In the process of producing Sargol saffron from Pushal saffron or Bunch saffron, the stigmas may break or powder. Therefore, in this type of saffron, some broken and sometimes powder saffron is seen, which makes Sargol saffron divided into first-class or lower grades based on the amount of powder saffron and broken saffron stigmas.

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