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The subject of this article is to answer this question; when is the correct time to buy pistachios? In your opinion, when should we buy pistachios and whole pistachio kernels and when should we not do this at all?!
Let’s discuss it a little more.
Well, to answer this question, we must first know when is the pistachio harvest season and when will the new in shell pistachios and then the new pistachio kernels enter the market?
Some types of pistachios, such as Shahpasand, ripen earlier than other types of pistachios (you can see the types of pistachios here), and their harvest begins in early August, but most pistachios are harvested in early September and during a collection process, they will be peeled and dried, so that in shell pistachios will be available from early October.
Also It can be said that pistachio kernels will be available for bulk purchase in early November.

But how do you think purchasing is at this time of the year? Is it possible to make a good purchase in these last months of the crop season?
Our answer to this question is no; Considering that 10-11 months have already passed since the production of the 2022 product, the product will not be of satisfactory quality; The percentage of moldy and wormy kernels has increased to maybe 20%, their taste has changed and their color has become cloudy, and the amount of aflatoxin may have exceeded the permissible limit. Therefore, purchasing at this time of the year, especially in big quantities, will be associated with a lot of risk.
We recommend all our dear customers to postpone their purchases until after the month of September, if possible, so that they can make a satisfying and safe purchase.

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15 August 2023

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